We design using ZW3D CAD/CAM

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We design using Solidworks

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productdesignProduct design is the process of creating a new product by the generation and development of ideas.

Cjcad services can help you visualize your ideas by creating drawings using a CAD system that will give you a visual 3D representation.
This 3D CAD model then can be 3D printed to give you a physical product in your hand.

You may make changes along the way until all design, visual issues and costs are addressed and you are happy with the end result.

sheetmetalThis process helps to give you an option to manufacture a cheaper and faster product than having to remove metal in a machining process from a solid block of steel.  Sheet metal can be folded, holes punched or notched and formed into any shape.

Our sheet metal design software will then take your product through the process of bending allowances and generate a flat patten which in turn gives you the size for the finished product and a tool is then designed.


Your Cad design idea can be manufactured using CAM software.
CAM is short for computer aided manufacture.
This software generates an ISO code for tool cutting paths on CNC machinery that will then cut your ideas into reality.
This service is done not on the machine but on a computer offline and is then sent to your CNC machine.
Tool Design Picture 3To produce a product you need to have a tool.
Tool design is planning how to build a tool to produce mass quantities of a product.

This may be in the field of Plastic moulding, press stamping, die casting or production automation. This involves a number of steps in relation to the customers needs and we can design a tool that has multiple cavities for large product volume requirements or you can have multiable products designed into one tool.

There are low volume product requirements so cheaper tools can be designed

3dmodelUsing advanced modeling techniques within software such as Solidworks, I can produce 3D hybrid surface and solid modeling designs.  Every design is thought out to the highest level of detail and each and every component can be drawn dimensionally accurate to scale and can be viewed from any angle.

This ensures that drawings are an exact representation of the finished product allowing better visualisation and analysis before the manufacturing process starts.

caddrawingCjcad services can provide 3 D solid modelling designs for the manufacturing industry in New Zealand.

This generally involves consulting with the client to gain the collective information from the customer and translating this to computer drawings to give you a visual appreciation and concept of your ideas before they are manufactured. We can undertake large or small projects and our eye for detail ensures our work will be of the highest standard.
assemblyUsing state of the art software such as solidworks, we can produce dynamic product presentations that can help accelerate your time-to-market while saving you time and increasing productivity.

We are able to animate a design to show its function, assembly and how it fits in relation to other products.

Animation is a powerful tool to help communicate ideas and designs to technical and non technical people giving a visual simulation of a real world product or process.

About Me

Chris Large
Chris Sukkel


Hi, I am the director of CJCAD SERVICES.

I have a wealth of experience in the Tool Making, Plastics manufacturing & CAD Industries as well as experience in CAM Programming and Sheet Metal Design. Since founding CJCAD Services I have worked with many local and national clients, helping them to design and manufacture their products.

My Experience

Plastics Manufacturing 20 Years
Press Tool Manufacturing 8 Years
CJCADServices 2 Years

My Skills

CAD Design
3D Modeling
Tool Design
Assembly Animation
Sheet Metal Design
Design Simulation Analysis
Cam Offline Programming

My Software Expertise

Solidworks Premium
Cam Offline Programming


We design using ZW3D CAD/CAM

Solidworks Premium

We design using Solidworks

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