CJ CAD Services cover all areas of research and development in product design and industrial expertise. This generally involves consulting with the client to gain the collective information from the customer and translating this into a computer modelling programme to give you a visual appreciation and concept of your ideas before they are tested prior to being manufactured. CJ CAD Services can have someone work onsite throughout the project from start to completion. Customer satisfaction is top priority.

Product Design

Product design is the process of identifying a market opportunity, clearly defining the problem, developing a proper solution for that problem and validating the solution with real users.

Sheet Metal Design

Component Part

Component Part

Sheet metal cut pattern

Sheet metal cut pattern

Sheet metal design involves a process of cutting a flat sheet and then bending and forming it. Countless everyday component parts are fabricated from sheet metal.

FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

Finite Element Analysis is a computerized analysis method to envisage how a manufactured product will react to the physical world.

Cam Offline Programming

CAM picture example.JPG

CAM is a method short for computer aided manufacture. This software generates an ISO code language for tool cutting paths on CNC machinery. This service is done not on the machine but on a computer offline and is then sent to controller on the machine.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical design is the design of components and systems of a mechanical nature—machines, products, structures, devices and instruments.

Tool Design

Tool design is planning how to produce mass quantities of a product.This may be in the field of plastic moulding, press stamping, die casting or production automation. This involves a number of steps in relation to the customers needs and we can design a tool that has multiple cavities for large product volume requirements or you can have multiable products designed into one tool. There is low volume product requirements so cheaper tools can be designed.


Animation is a method in which 3D pictures are manipulated to appear as moving images creating a movie experience.